From the recordings Sunshine Hotel and Sunshine Hotel


Talking About You

Tell you ‘bout someone
Who’s making me believe
Something good
Is happening to me

Talking ‘bout someone
Gonna save my world
She can work magic
Who’s this Supergirl?

It’s you
Talking about you

Talking ‘bout someone
Who digs my rock and roll
That gets me to my soul

Tell you something
Bragging ain’t my thing
I got someone who
Makes me want to sing

It’s you
Talking about you

I’m on a long and lonely road
But girl I’m coming home
Coming home

I don’t need sunshine
To cure a cloudy day
When I’ve got someone
Who’s there to light the way

In the evening
When I go to sleep
Somebody keeps
Starring in my dreams

It’s you
Talking about you

Copyright 2022, C. R. Waesche Lost Soul Delivery Music