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Let It Rock, Canada 

Excerpt: "This crew… unfold an album, their fifth, of an astounding stylistic variety, but that’s exactly what makes it all exciting for the listeners who accompany the quintet down the corridors where thrills, in the form of mementos previous lodgers left behind, await fresh discovery around every corner… on which feelgood message(s) will be beamed in at various places… So even though America has plenty of old establishments, 'Sunshine Hotel' should be the one to stay in and never want to check out."

Oasis Entertainment, Tampa, FL 

"This fourteen track album features all original songs such as At The Sunshine Hotel, Hey Cinderella, Sunshine Girl, The Girl I Knew Yesterday, Talking About You and so much more.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with a sound and performance that reminded me so much of the music of the sixties and seventies that I grew up listening to.  In addition to an amazing performance this album showcases their great songwriting talent and a superb recording." 

Midwest Record Review, Chicago IL 

"NEYBAS/Sunshine Hotel:  Regional rockers are alive and well as this bar band shows with their latest.  Right in the pocket for blowing off steam rock, the subjects aren’t too deep, the vibe rocks and rolls nicely and they certainly know how to get a party started and keep it going.  Nicely done."

Exclusive Magazine/Anne Carlini (30 years as the voice of rock on WRIF in Detroit), Detroit, MI 

Excerpt: "Opening on the melodically funky grooves of the title track At The Sunshine Hotel, that is seamlessly followed by the dutiful, mid-tempo hipsway of Something About Her, then comes the drum-led beauty Hey Cinderella, the dreamy balladry of Aliens Have Taken My Brain, the jaunty The Doorman, and then the rockin’ Caribbean beach feel of Sunshine Girl and the toking prose admittance within A Little 2 Hi. 

"Up next on this organically-crafted and totally rockin’ new album is the reggae-tinged Crank This Up and the free flowing pop rock of Big Love (The Doorman’s Theme) and they are in turn followed by the low slung, at first, solid foot-tapping entity thereafter Pearl (Girl in Room 303), the uptempo pop balladry of The Girl I Knew Yesterday, the forthrightly earnest love song within Talking About You, then the album rounds out on the rhythmic Song About Sunshine, closing on the free wheelin’ advice within Freeway Paradise."

Rock Times, Frankfurt, Germany "Neybas Sunshine Hotel CD Review" (Original German)

Relevant excerpts of the album from Google Translate version of original German article: 

“This record starts with the arrival ‘At The Sunshine Hotel’, so to speak. This musically special hostel has a wide view from the garden into the country. Rooms with windows facing the front overlook a spacious beach and the expanse of the sea. An impressive backdrop that features ‘At The Sunshine Hotel’ with beautiful pedal steel tones." 

“…’Sunshine Girl’. Fast and loud rocking, the sounds of the quintet echo through the corridors of the accommodation and the group invites you to happy hour with this number. Yes, the guitar solo is awesome. The singing including the chorus is cheerful.” 

“… ‘Song About Sunshine’. The quintet rocks briskly through the corridors of the accommodation and leaves riff patterns in the corridor wallpaper. The quite gripping music - in one part equipped with a funky guitar as an extra - stands in contrast to the somewhat lascivious lead vocals. 

"Aliens Have Taken My Brain" should also be highlighted. Unexpected, or perhaps typical of Neybas, this song is full of kindness. It grooves, almost swings beautifully. Sounds like the sound of the electric guitar solo was created by the bottleneck. A glimpse of hope!” 

“With its balladesque moments, ‘Pearl (Girl In Room 303)’ is a pearl with quiet phases.” 

“‘Talking About You’ is consistently an oasis of relaxed beach vibes. Singing and chorus go very well here. Somehow you don't just get the impression that The Beatles are peeping around the corner in parts.”

"The Neybas... ensure a good mood with ‘Sunshine Hotel’.” 

Rootstime.Be, Flanders, Belgium (Original Belgian) 

Excerpts from Google translation of original Belgian article: "Their songs are a mix of funky songs set to energetic and easily danceable melodies that will quickly evoke memories of the music of the 60s and 70s… it would be great fun if 'The Neybas' would perform at a ball orchestra for an entire evening, because fun, dancing and 'full time' entertainment would undoubtedly be guaranteed. On “Sunshine Hotel” there are several songs that can provide musical pleasure and enjoyment. We are thinking of songs like “At The Sunshine Hotel”, the funky melody “Something About Her”, the funny ballad “Aliens Have Taken My Brain”, the rocking John Fogerty-lookalike closing song “Freeway Paradise” and the three reggae tunes “Sunshine Girl”, “A Little 2 Hi” and “Crank This Up” with very catchy riffs. ‘It's Party Time With The Neybas!’”

Carry’s New Underground Music, Dutch  (Original Dutch)

Excerpt from Google translation of original Dutch review (Four Stars):

"The album kicks off with 'At The Sunshine Hotel', in which Neybas plays a medium tempo mix of country, pop and rock that has a catchy danceable rhythm and is followed by 'Something About Her', a lovely swinging pop song with a medium tempo that encourages dancing and 'Hey Cinderella', a delightful uptempo song with a cheerful danceable rhythm and influences of rock & roll from the 50s. 

Then follows 'Aliens Have Taken My Brain', a pop song with a medium tempo, a pleasant rhythm and subtle tempo changes, which has slight 60s influences, 'The Doorman', a fantastic uptempo song with an infectious danceable rhythm, where sitting still is not an option and 'Sunshine Girl', a nice to listen uptempo pop song with ska influences, that swings. 

In 'A Little 2 Hi' Neybas gives me a wonderful mix of pop and reggae in a medium tempo, in 'Crank This Up' I hear a great catchy danceable song, which contains influences of reggae and calypso and in 'Big Love (The Doorman's Theme)' the band plays a great uptempo song with a danceable rhythm. 

Then follows 'Pearl (Girl In Room 303)', an excellent song with tempo changes and a catchy rhythm, 'The Girl I Knew Yesterday', a lovely pop song with slight country influences and 'Talking About You', a beautiful quite calm song. with subdued vocals and a rhythm that encourages shuffling. 

I also hear 'Song About Sunshine' as a swinging song with a medium tempo, slightly influenced by the music of 'Goodbye (sic) Sunshine' by The Beatles and funk and a catchy recurring rhythm and 'Freeway Paradise', a pop song with a medium tempo and an infectious danceable rhythm. 

'Sunshine Hotel' by Neybas is full of easy-to-hear songs, which have a cheerful positive atmosphere and I can highly recommend this disc to every lover of the better pop."  

Connecticut Cult Favorite Rock Ensemble The Neybas Release Fifth Album “Sunshine Hotel” (multiple outlets)

Who Are The Neybas - Vibes Broadcast Network Podcast interview with host Kyle "Koyote" Yates and Russ (YouTube)

Who Are The Neybas - Vibes Broadcast Network Podcast interview with host Kyle "Koyote" Yates and Russ (Rumble)

Who Are The Neybas - Vibes Broadcast Network Podcast interview with host Kyle "Koyote" Yates and Russ (Buzzsprout)

Rock Times (German language) "The Neybas und das veflixte 5. Album"

Excerpt from Google Translate version of original German article: "a record with strong riffs and lots of catchy melodies" ... and "isn't afraid to cross boundaries in terms of musical genres. Traditional rock, ska, reggae, punk and stylistic devices influenced by both the Caribbean and New Orleans have been used here."

CT Post, Bridgeport, CT - Article on CT music scene

Except: "Another Connecticut-based band that formed in the late 80s from a group of friends at UConn jamming together is The Neybas, which recently released its fifth album, Sunshine Hotel. While they do some covers depending on the venue, they are best known for their high-energy danceable original music reminiscent of 60-70s sunshine rock. Often seen at Hartford area clubs like the Hungry Tiger, Main Pub and Arch Street, the band will be at Crystal Bees in Southington July 9 and at the East Hampton Fairgrounds July 14. 

"Songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Russ Waesche, a former communications professional and now full time musician, said the new album was in stark response to the dark mood during the pandemic lockdowns, during which he lost both his parents. 'I wanted to write something that was  upbeat and kind of felt like summer and had a vibe to it like summer vacation,' he said. Several songs are already resonating with audiences including the 'Aliens Have Taken My Brain,' which he describes as a paean to 60s sunshine rock. 'It feels like you are floating through this beautiful day,' he said, adding that 'Sunshine Girl' also has fast become an audience favorite. 

"Besides Waesche, The Neybas include Kevin Bornstein (bass/vocals, engineer by day), Nicholas 'Toad' Eckert (guitar/vocals, carpenter by day), Emmet Hale (drums, estimator by day) and Greg Marshall (keyboards, engineer by day). Each member has been in bands before and four have side gigs in other bands."