1. Crank This Up

From the recordings Sunshine Hotel and Sunshine Hotel


Crank This Up

Welcome to the Sunshine Hotel!
When the world beats me up
Knocks me to the ground
Trouble troubles me everywhere
Life gets me down

You didn’t ask for my advice
But what I have found
Turn Neybas up on your radio
And dance around

Life’s hard and we all got problems
Here’s something that might help you to solve them

I kid you not I would not lie
Or lead you astray
Turn us up on your stereo
Chase your blues away

If you’re looking for a revolution
Neybas might be your solution

You don’t need a yellow pill
To make you feel alright
Crank us up on your own device
Get down tonight

When you’re searching for a good vibration
One that exceeds expectations

You can twerk, or do the twist
You can bang your head
It’s ok if you perreo
While you’re still in bed

If you need a pick-me-up
When you’re feeling low
Among the best that I have found
Turn up your radio

I hope that this can help you out
On with the show

Copyright 2022, C. R. Waesche Lost Soul Delivery Music